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In these uncertain times of Covid-19 every business is seeing an upside down scenario. While some of them are bound with these adverse and harsh conditions, many of them have an option of restanding their businesses by bringing them online.
E-commerce has been in the market since decades and many of the prominent and even smaller businesses are active on them already. Firstly we need to anticipate the situation going on with an open mind. We need to understand that these conditions are probably not about to be in control atleast till the mid of the upcoming year as well and hence every business wanting to cope up has this awesome option of bringing their business online and fight against this pandemic without losing their work and income.
Many new businesses wanting to begin their own online store might be surrounded with many false information and more expectedly, very high costing developers in our Indian market. Unfortunately most of the developers we find here are either asking for a lot of fee which might not be a feasible choice for many. On the other hand one is also going to find e-commerce website/application packages costing as low as a penny but those projects go down in drain as well. So what are the actual and average costing options available in the market for most of the businesses?
Is it a big question mark?
Well yes & no. Yes for those who are trapped in the above mentioned scenarios of both high and low charging companies, ultimately proving to be futile. No for those who have done the research or have come to know about some of the practical and easy to start options.
If you want to start with an e-commerce website, you do want to have a look at
It not only is affordable but also easy-to-understand and an attractive look.
If you would like to get started with an Android app instead (Fun Fact: 97% of the Indians cellphone users are of Android), download and have a look at
The above options and their packages are so well structured and affordable that you will not be able to resist in getting them.
So don’t let your business suffer. Get started today!

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